Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Long Term Space Travelers Keeping In Contact With Humans Still On Earth

Obviously, it is going to be alone in area, and individuals need company and social connections. If the team is very small, it is practical to have them keep in touch with individuals on World. Ah, but what about enough time waiting my associate demands - long-distance connections is going to be a task, and although we may at some point be able to deliver connections communication quicker than the rate of mild, it's still going to take here we are at those information to appear. Okay so, let's discuss.

You see, an associate refers to that it will be difficult to create sure those information appear, and it might be necessary to put out communicate programs to deliver the concept, just as satellite around World can communicate information to someone on lack of of the earth. The communicate programs, he indicates "space buoys" could also provide as navigational helps, similar to a GPS technique.

Interesting isn't it? Well, indeed it is, and yes, enough time delay is a problem as the spaceships get further away. But even if it took months or a season between feedback, the person mind could be talking about things with a large number of many individuals, and if the individuals in the world synchronized the concerns, they wouldn't be copying them, therefore the person responding to the concerns wouldn't have to do it again the solutions, therefore the mind would be regularly active getting individuals in the world.

They might ask a concern, and simply delay for a season for the response, and then the follow-up. When it comes to individuals interacting at the rate of mild let's say with perhaps another types on the other part of the universe, it might take more than 100 years to get a response, and those individuals that made the first connections would be deceased by enough time the other types that far away responded. Furthermore, there would be new systems by then. Perhaps the other types could response very quickly, but the individuals patiently waited a lengthy time to response, it wouldn't sound right to continue the discussion.

Additionally, Global Online would really be an intranet program, with the Galactic Online being the real Online or overall covering connections program that point, it would be another part above the Online, just as Facebook or myspace is becoming its own program within the Online even though something like Facebook or myspace would actually have the prospective for becoming bigger than the Online at some point, not likely in Facebook's case but that could happen.

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